Terms & Conditions

By making a payment or a booking request you automatically declare you have read, understood and agree with our full Terms and Conditions. You can view these here as a PDF-download.

This document defines the duties and rights of both the customer and the travel company. For your convenience we’ve highlighted some definitions which are particular to our company below. This provision doesn’t take away your responsibility to be familiar with the full document.


All participants acknowledge that cycling as an activity involves risks and that they accept the arrangement by their own free will. Every adult participating on our cycling holidays carries all responsibilities and liabilities for this activity themselves. For participants under age, responsibilities and liabilities are carried by the accompanying adult. We don't accept any liability for damage by injury or death of any participant, however this is caused. This exclusion also applies to the personal belongings of the participants. We also do not accept any liability for the consequences of any behaviour of participants towards any third party (e.g. drivers or other cyclists) or vice versa. All exclusions and/or limitations of our liability are also valid for any person or company assisting us in the delivery of the arrangement.

It is up to participants to decide whether to wear a cycling helmet or not. All participants accept that the possible negative consequences of this choice are at their own risk. Where a bicycle is rented through a bike rental company that demands the hirer of the bicycle to wear a helmet, participants must do this.

All participants agree that they are capable of cycling (or walking if this is part of the itinerary) the distances mentioned in the itinerary of the arrangement without the need for adjusted equipment or assistance of any kind. When participants prove to be incapable of fulfilling the itinerary (for example if they don't want to ride the bicycle from one accommodation to the other due to bad weather conditions, tiredness or any other reason) they’ll need to arrange an alternative themselves, so the itinerary of the arrangement can be continued in the proposed way at the end of the day. We can advise or assist with this, but only at the participant's expense. Please always check our “Cycling Profiles” per arrangement and ensure it is in line with the capabilities of all participants!

All participants acknowledge that although we have taken great care regarding the development of the cycling route within the arrangement, cycling in busy traffic or on uneven or badly maintained surface might be necessary on certain stretches. Also, if participants do a cycling holiday in a country other than their home country, they acknowledge that this can be a completely different experience in both a positive and a negative sense. Every participant agrees to take on this challenge of their own free will and agrees to carry all responsibilities and liabilities for cycling in another country themselves.


If participants are providing bicycles themselves they should be the legal owners or should have the bicycles hired from a third party in a legal way. Participants have the duty to make sure these bicycles can be ridden safely. Bicycles also have to be appropriate for the type of route.

Participants on independent (self-guided) arrangements should be capable of performing basic repairs, like replacing a flat tyre, without assistance. Participants who provide bicycles themselves should also bring the necessary tools for these repairs; rented bicycles always come with lock, pump and basic repair kit. In the event of serious breakdown of bike and/or rider we will endeavour to organise and assist you to get to the next accommodation and place of bicycle repair. Participants can only claim repair costs if the faulty bike was rented through us.

If participants are not able to return rented bicycle(s) in the same state as they were provided, participants will have to pay for financial loss. In case of bike theft the participant will be liable for the full value of the bicycle, according to the terms and conditions of the bike rental involved. We cannot offer additional insurance for this.

Services provided by third parties:

Where services are provided by service providing companies like accommodation suppliers, bike rentals and transport suppliers the terms and conditions of these companies are applicable. These service providing companies carry their own responsibilities and liabilities regarding the quality of their services.

Luggage transport and storage services:

Our liability regarding luggage transport and storage services is strictly limited to the task of arranging and delivering these services. Both transport and storage take place at the own risk of the customer. EOS Cycling Holidays, the person who is carrying out the transport and/or storage and accommodation suppliers cannot be held liable for theft and/or any damage to the luggage. The luggage allowance for this service is one regular big piece of luggage (such as a suitcase, backpack or rucksack) per person.

Privacy policy:

Participants agree their personal information might be used to inform them about our products in the future. We won't forward any personal information on to third parties who are not involved in the delivery of the arrangement. We only supply information to accommodation suppliers, bike rentals, transport suppliers and/or tour guides as is necessary to carry out the arrangement.

Cancellation policies:

When making a booking request for an arrangement of which you can decide on the start date yourself you have one week to cancel with no obligation or to confirm your booking. It is also possible to amend your booking during this period (for example regarding extra options or special requests). On arrangements with fixed start dates (special offers) you do not have the right to cancel with no obligation. In that situation you will be liable for cancellation charges.

We reserve the right to withdraw our offer up to a maximum of ten days after your acceptance. If we have to cancel because of low participation numbers on guided tours and/or non availability of services of accommodation suppliers, bike rentals and transport suppliers during the period of the delivery of the arrangement, we’ll do so within 7 days after we have received your (down) payment or by the date as advertised on our website. In these situations we’ll refund all payments, unless you wish to book another arrangement. In that case sums already paid will be settled into a new arrangement.

Our full cancellation policies, with our full Terms and Conditions are available as PDF-download.