What We Do

We believe in high-quality guidebooks enabling you to cycle the very best routes available. The UK road network is not cycling friendly, so we have gone to a lot of trouble to provide you with the best cycling route available. Besides being traffic calmed or even traffic free, all our routes are easy going, so they avoid steep climbs and rough surfaces as much as possible. Also, we ensure your route is scenic and varied, with various attractions along the way to keep you and your company entertained. Also, a cycling holiday is more than just cycling! Attractions and also pubs and cafés are clearly listed, so you always know how much more pedaling is required to get to the next optional break. Our routes guide you by various places of interest, so you can spend most of your day as you please, whether you would like to have a nice pub meal at a scenic location, visit a museum or to explore the local shops. It is all in our guidebooks and these are at the core of what we do!

We also always endevoured to offer some great self-guided cycling holiday packages, on which we arrange accommodations, bicycle hire and luggage transport for you. In recent years it has become difficult for us to maintain the high quality standards on our tours. Cycling tourism in England is still in its infancy in many ways, often relying on government subsidies and good will and enthousiasm of individuals. With the political-economic climate in the UK drastically changing, things have become increasingly difficult. We have lost various trustworthy partners who helped us with the delivery of our tours. For 2019, we can only guarantee high standards on our Devon Coast to Coast Tour holiday package. On all other tours, quality and choice regarding all elements (accommodations, bicycle rental and luggage transport) is no longer viable. This has been reason for us to focus ourselves on our core business, the guidebooks, keeping our route ideas alive as much as we can.

What we do   What we do

As we are passionate cyclists ourselves, we remain comitted to provide you with the best cycling holiday experiences as possible. Being a small tour operator, we do comply with the EU Package Holiday Directive guidelines. Our company is registered with Companies House in England and a summary of our Terms and Conditions are available on this website, with a full version also being available as PDF-download.