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Cycling Holidays

Imagine: the day has just started and you are on your bicycle with a fantastic day ahead of you. You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and you steer your wheels along quiet country lanes and cycle paths. You enjoy the sounds of wildlife and the smells of flowers, trees and plants - things you miss out on as a motorist. You are exploring the real world and with your bike you are right on top of it!

Also, a cycling holiday is more than just cycling! We keep our day distances limited to those which can easily be covered in 2 to 3 hours and guide you by various places of interest, so you can spend most of the day as you please. You have the opportunity to break up the cycling wherever you want, whether it is for a nice pub meal at a scenic location, a museum visit or exploring the local shops. Also, your overnight accommodations are always within walking distance of things to do see! In this way you not only holiday in a green environmentally-friendly way, you also really discover the best a region has to offer. Don't forget the added joy of a holiday without the stress of air travel, congested roads or expensive car parking!

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So what do we arrange for you when you book a cycling holiday package with us?

In the first place we provide you with an easy to read guide book that enables you to follow the route you have selected. The UK road network is not cycling friendly, so we have gone to a lot of trouble to provide you with the best cycling route available. Besides being traffic calmed or even traffic free, all our routes are easy going, so they avoid steep climbs and rough surfaces as much as possible. Also, we ensure your route is scenic and varied, with various attractions along the way to keep you and your company entertained. Attractions and also pubs and cafés are clearly listed, so you always know how much more pedalling is required to get to the next optional break.

Time to talk bikes then; a lot of people like to bring their own bicycles on their holidays, so we invite you to bring these along wherever possible. If you don't want to bring your own bike or don't own one, we are happy to provide you with a quality rented bike. Most of our rental bikes are fitted with mud guards and luggage racks, which enable you to carry your own bags (we can provide these too). On our Devon Coast to Coast Tour we also offer electric bike rental. If you bring your own bike we expect you to be able to do your own emergency repairs. In the unlikely event you get a problem with a rented bike, we'll do our best to help you back on the road as soon as possible.

What we do   What we do

Accommodation charges are the biggest chunk of your cycling holiday costs. Many of our packages consist of quality en-suite Bed & Breakfast accommodation, all with direct access to the cycling route and within easy walking distance of shops and restaurants. Note that meals on these packages are limited to breakfast only, we expect you to cater for lunch and dinner yourself. If you don't feel like staying in B&B's (or don't have the budget) we have some great alternatives available. In Cornwall you can do various cycle routes with a self catering caravan park as a base.

Finally, an important issue on a cycling holiday is your luggage. On some of our packages you move along from one accommodation to the next, so you will have to pack and unpack your bag nearly every day. In that case we advise you to travel light. Besides essential travel items you should only bring a couple of sets of clothes, still making sure you can cope with all weather conditions. We encourage carrying your own luggage on your bike, but we can also run a luggage transport service if that is what you prefer. Note that this service rather decreases the Green credentials of this holiday as your luggage will travel by van. However, particularly for larger groups or families with children this may be a sensible and affordable way to go. See the prices of the individual packages to find out more.

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Further some important information for overseas visitors. All our prices are in Great British Pound Sterling only. You'll pay in GBP according to the going exchange rate on the day of payment. Also note you'll have to organise journeys between your home and the start/end of our packages yourself. All our routes have easy access by air, rail and road. You'll find suggestions for all modes of travel at the bottom of every detailed route itinerary.

Last but not least we wish to mention we are passionate cyclists ourselves and as cycling changed our own lives we are keen to offer you a similar experience! Being a small tour operator, we do comply with the EU Package Holiday Directive guidelines. Our company is registered with Companies House in England and a summary of our Terms and Conditions are available on this website, with a full version also being available as PDF-download.